Now that’s a novel way of showing off a figure’s articulation. In this particular case it’s also really, really creepy.

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  • if you start doing figure reviews in video, this should be the opening (well, not this sepcifically, but a segment like it)

  • …not so much "creepy" as actually kinda adorable. Also, very talented/patient filmmaker.

  • That was amazing!!
    More toy companies need to promote their toy lines like this!!
    As a big MOTUC fan, we haven’t seen anything like this from Mattel. Mattycollector does a few sneak-peak videos, but this shows just how well a toy can be promoted! You need to lock in 2014 subs, then do something like this, don’t just leave in the hands of the fans!!!!
    11/10 for the makers behind that video!

  • Awesome video! Reminds me of the old Diaclone commercials. I agree with everyone else- I would love to see more toy companies and toy blogs do these. Stop-motion He-Man needs to happen.

    Here's a guy I saw last year doing some model kit and Transformers reviews in the stop-motion style: