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  • Lots of NECA Pacific Rim news. First off, NECA has finally posted a photo of the upcoming Battle Damaged Gypsy Danger, due out late September with the rest of series two (Striker Eureka and Leatherback). Speaking of, for those of who you missed out on the non-damaged Gypsy Danger, a new shipment is hitting stores now, or alternatively, you can pick up the Gypsy Danger/Knifehead two-pack. Finally, and I’m not sure where these originated, but via the Daytime Ninja, here are some pics of NECA’s planned 18″ Knifehead. It will be “much more” expensive than the $85 18″ Gypsy Danger, but it will be gigantic, will evidently come with much more articulation than the 7″ version (ball-jointed wrists! articulated fingers!) and will have light-up features as well. This may be a warm-up for their 18″ Godzilla for next year’s film.
  • I first mentioned Starbarians, a Youtube-based animated show that’s sort of an adult-oriented Saturday morning adventure cartoon, over a year ago. The creator, Harry Patridge, commissioned Joe Amaro to make some prototype toys. According to Joe, they’re in 6″ scale and have twelve points of articulation, and now Partridge is considering producing them. If you’re interested, be sure to check out Starbarians and leave a comment supporting a toy line.
  • Anyone have the brown variant Marvel Legends Cable they might consider trading or selling? Loose/complete is fine.
  • I got nothin’.

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  • I really want to like NECA's Pacific Rim figures. The movie was great. Unfortunately NECA's first series of figures weren't. (just my opinion here) I don't think that “digital outputs" are superior to NECA's artist's. Yes, I do consider the boys and girls at NECA to be artist's. Also the paint on series one was just awful. How can the company who just gave us Dutch from the original Predator make figures like this? I'm hoping that a good coat of paint can make the battle damaged Gypsy Danger POP. I may end up passing on a line that I was really excited about.

  • That Gypsy looks AWESOME! I may have to pick up the entire series 2 because I love Striker Eureka, and Leatherback looks more articulated than Knifehead.

  • Darn it! I saw the image and title of this in my feed and was really thinking they did some Pac Rim mini blind pack figures.

  • man, that 18 inch knifehead looks so good, it's almost a cleveland steamer on the faces of those who bought the little guy. don't whether to be excited, or go get a warm towel.

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