Star Wars Black Wave 2 up for pre-order on Amazon


Star Wars Black Series 2 – featuring Han Solo, Greedo, Boba Fett, and Princess Leia in her Jabba’s Slave outfit – is now available for pre-order at Amazon for $23 apiece. There’s a decent chance the price will drop between now and release, and if it does, Amazon will charge you the lowest price it hits between the time you order and the time they come out. For those of you lucky enough to get an SDCC Boba Fett, this lets you get the figures without having to order the set.

Leia’s face is…not good. Unless the production figure comes out looking better I won’t be able to put a positive spin on that. Han’s I’ll definitely need to see in person.

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  • I thought I saw a version of Leia's face that look better, but that's terrible in the pic you have here. That's not a high end collector's edition figure, by far.

  • I think the eyes on Han and Leia are off. The irises are too small, and if that is fixed they should look better.

    • Definitely, that. But in Leia's case, especially, I think it's the positioning and thickness of the eyebrows. Fisher's brows were a lot thinner in ROTJ. And given that Leia is usually pissed, the fact that those brows are hovering so far away from the eyes (+ the fact that the figures irises are right-smack in the middle of the eyes — zowie!) just make her look really surprised.

  • Honestly, not a single one of these figures has done a thing for me. They look less impressive than their smaller counterparts.

    • I agree Monte, the face sculpts look even worse on the 6" figures than the 3.75" figures.

      • Right?!? People are so excited at the scale they're overlooking mediocrity, although to be fair I base all this on photos, having yet to see them in person. Still, the teaser photos are usually superior to the final product!

  • Ha! Leia's wide-open eyes are hilarious. You can imagine that being from one of Carrie Fisher's nightmares:

    "Oh, dear god. It never ends! I'm going to be buried in this damn outfit, aren't I?"

  • Leia's face definitely looked better when I saw the figure at SDCC, but it was probably just a prototype.

  • Looks like Slave Leia went skiing! hahahaha!

    To be fair, they really haven't done a drop-dead awesome version of Slave Leia across many scales. To me the best one was the 2009 Legacy Collection 3.75" figure. Even the Sideshow Premium Format was a little weird in the face. I think it's like Luke and Han- people are so familiar with their faces it's tough to pull off to universal satisfaction. But this here… that's not cool…

      • Not bad. A little too "anime" for my taste rather than 1983 Carrie Fisher but that one is pretty good. I wasn't a fan of Unleashed, it wasn't my cup of tea, not a fan of the preposed larger figures like those. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, that is one of the better ones I've seen from that line.

        • Unleashed was roughly 6" scaled, and yeah, it tended to stylize a bit. Just thought it was a nice contrast to what we're getting.

  • Hasbro drastically needs to improve their face sculpts. Han doesn't look to bad but it doesn't really look like him from any of the films. It seems to look like a mix up of his face and hair from the different films.

    • I kind of feel that way about all four of them. Boba's legs look too tapered, Greedo's eyes are too oval, Leia looks mentally damaged, and Han, as you say, looks more like Bespin Han than the first movie… I'm guessing they wanted to use the same head for a few different versions, Gentle Giant can't be cheap. I'll wait to pass judgement on them until I get a few in person.