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In the past, I’ve asked “What’s your #MyMosquitor?” Unfortunately, the phrasing was awkward, the term was a bit too specific, and the concept was tricky to explain, so it never really worked.

So here’s my next attempt – what action figures would you like to see made that would allow you to say, “Now I can die in peace” – or, NICDIP?

The idea occurred to me after remarking to NoisyDvL5 of ItsAllTrue.net that the Star Wars Black 6″ A New Hope Han Solo was one of my “now I can die in peace” figures. It’s also one that, for a very long time, I didn’t think would ever get made. (S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla 1962 is another one, or would have been if I wasn’t sure now that, if it even gets made, it’s going to be barely 4″ tall.)

In addition to Han and Boba, I’ve already gotten some other NICDIP figures. For me, the Mirage Ninja Turtles, brown costume WolverineMasterpiece Grimlock and Hero Ash are all great examples. 

Here are a few more of mine, off the top of my head:

  • 6″ decently-articulated Mystery Science Theater 3000 figures
  • A well-articulated  6″ John McClane from Die Hard
  • A well-articulated 6″ Terminator
  • A well-articulated  6″ Conan the Barbarian
  • Every monster from The Monster Squad in 6″ scale
  • 6″-scale, comic-based Hellboy figures with no soft goods (i.e., a fabric trenchcoat)
  • A 6″-scale comic-based Batman in black and gray, with black trunks and a pouch belt, and fully articulated with double-jointed elbows, double-jointed knees, ball ankles and hinged toes to allow for the perfect “gargoyle crouch.”

I asked Rob Bricken, formerly of Topless Robot and currently of Io9, what his NICDIP figures were:

Masters of the Universe figures based on the Horsemen’s original Millennium designs, in 6″ scale and in an actual scale with each other, so some of them would tower over others, with Classics articluation. I want Zodac as a grey-skinned alien. I want a Darkseid-like Skeletor. I want a Moss Man who was like a crazy swamp thing. I would also to like them to re-use NO PIECES WHATSOVER; all new sculpts everywhere. And in a perfect world I’d like them to all have their original action features, too.

I asked people for their NICDIP figures on Twitter; you can read the responses here. So how about you? What are your NICDIP action figures (and other toys)?


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  • A fully articulated Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China would definitely be on my list.

    A G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Baroness, Scarlett, and Jinx.

    Illumina and Dolph Lundgren He-Man in MOTUC

    A decent line of X- Files action figures

    A Hot Toys Yvonne Craig Batgirl

    6- 7 inch figures of Roland from the Gunslinger and jack Torrance from the Shining

  • 6” to 7” fully articulated figures of:
    – GI Joe Snake eyes
    – Indiana Jones (preferably done by Neca)
    – Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Soul calibur

  • With the 4" Chris Reeve Superman coming, I finally get to cross that off my list. Some others on my list are

    A Marvel Universe or Marvel Legends-style Rocketeer

    A Lou Ferrigno Hulk figure

    A Telepod from Cronenberg's The Fly. I don't care if it's a statue, a model kit, or even an articulated playset/diorama with lights and an opening door, I just want a badass Telepod replica I can put on my shelf.

  • Mine would be a Frank Langella movie accurate-Skeletor. I had a dream as a little kid I found a toy of him in the stores and still hope someday that will become reality.

    • I love those dreams, too. However, the store only takes cash, and I can only afford one of the never before seen figures.

      MotUC already made a lot of them for me. However, I’m also looking for a good Fantastic Four. Why must the best Reed be in a costume different from the best Sue? They only have 2 iconic costumes and yet I still don’t have a “team” I’m happy with on any scale. Minimates is the closest I’ve come, but even that required some “mix and match” customizing.

  • 6-inch scale Reeve Superman, Keaton Batman – basically all the 4-inch movie figures announced at NYCC but in 6-inches. So close yet so far…

  • My NICDIP figures would be 4-inch Mad Max, or a 4-inch Deckard from Blade Runner. Throw in their respective cars for added die in piecey-ness.

  • Originally mine was an articulated Agent 47. I'd still like to get one in 7" scale from NECA, but the Play Arts Kai satisfies that itch.

    I would say I have the same want as Rob and that's a fully articulated Millennium Masters line with appropriate scaling. Just no action features.

  • These two are, for me, most definitely NICDIP:

    – A cartoon-based Advanced Dungeons and Dragons line with 4H-level quality and attention. To have figures of the kids, Uni, Venger and Dungeon Master would simply blow my mind.

    – Fully articulated Goonies with accurate likenesses. I sense this is coming.

    Without this just turning into a "wants" list, these things are also high on my list, but I'm not sure if they're NICDIP-worthy:

    – A full-blown Burton Batman line. I was very excited to see the reveals last week. If 4" means they can give us a broad collection, I'm all for it.

    – A 4H/Matty/Toy Guru-helmed Thundercats line.

    – An MOTUC-style Remco Warlord. Hercules would be swell, too.

  • i had wanted an at-at forever, finally got one a couple years ago. extremely pleased. now i am feeling that way abotu the hot toys ed-209… i dont know when i will be willing to drop 400 bucks on it. i have th eneca one coming and am very happy with that.

    i want an enormous line of conan figures by neca (with current or better level articulation!). starting with the old movie… seriously, i'd buy multiples of the whole cast…. and the whole cast from predator, but i know neca has recently said that prob wont happen… a stallone judge dred.

    speaking of dredd, i want the abc robot from the movie… that thing was great, i know there was a toy for it, but last i checked ti was alot of money.

    • ahhh a build-a-figure groot! (and/or larger!)

      a fin fang foom the size of the marvel universe galactus and sentinel!

      the massive balrog toy… and the talking giant treebeard… i know these 2 are out there… for a steepish price

  • A fully-articulated 6" Jagi from Fist of the North Star (done!)

    Han or Heart from Fist of the North Star

    A fully-articulated 6" scale version of the LIsker Zoanoid from the US Guyver movie

    A fully-articulated 6" or more scale Cyclops from 7th Voyage of Sinbad

    A line of 6" fully-articulated King of Fighters figures. All of 'em, but mainly the boss characters like Goenitz.

    Metroid toys. And the accessories are the little alien monsters. I would LOVE a Ridley with several Metroids as accessories.

    S. H. MonsterArts Hedorah

  • i want a myth and legend line, in a 6 inch scale, but true scale, so for example, when he do heracles, antaeus is substantially bigger than he is, and he is bigger than theseus. preferably, i'd like at least greco-roman, norse, taoist, lakota, and hindu characters. any others would be gravy, but not NICDIP or WGMBACMH of whatever.

    and i'd love a line, again, 6 inch scale, for koei's dynasty warriors/samurai warriors/warriors orochi family of games. i simply, before i die, MUST have a lu bu for my figures to pursue.

  • From a ton of indy, non-Marvel/DC Comics, I want a ton of figures in ML/DCUC-style. Badger and Nexus. Magnus, Robot Fighter. American Flagg! Rogue Trooper. Sam and Max, Freelance Police. X. Red Sonja. The Shadow. The Spider. Elric of Melnibone. (Some of those last ones aren't directly from comics, but have been in a bunch anyway…)

    Basically, it's a lot of figures Shocker Toys should've done, if they weren't busy being Shocker Toys…

  • All I asked from the universe was :
    – a well articulated Link (from Legend of Zelda)
    – a nicely articulated/sculpted 6" Darth Vader
    – (plus some Xenomorphs for him to battle, I love crossover dioramas)

    The universe has answered me a bit late (since I'm too old to really "play" with them) but it HAS answered. (although not yet for DV, but it's coming soon)

    • I'm still waiting for Max Factory to release more Figmas like Captain Falcon and Ganondorf. Gotta have my Smash Bros. roster in 3D form.

      • Haha. Totally !
        But with Samus, Link and the Sonics, Marios and Yoshis you can find here and there (I have some Mario Kart toys with articulated figures that are decent enough Mario, Wario, Yoshi and Bowser and if I remember well, Donkey Kong and Luigi do exist), there are some nice possibilities though.

        • I have that Donkey Kong, and you're right. I just want them to get the Figma treatment.

  • A well-articulated, 6" scale line of Xena: Warrior Princess action figures, including Xena, Gabrielle, Callisto, Joxer, Caesar and Ares.

    A Hot Toys-esque well-articulated, 12" scale two-pack of Xena and Gabrielle.

    A well-articulated, 6" scale line of DC characters from live action films and TV series including Christopher Reeve Superman (along with Luthor, Zod and Ursa), Michael Keaton Batman (along with Joker, Catwoman and Penguine) and Lynda Carter Wonder Woman.

    A well-articulated, 6" scale line of miscellaneous "warriors" including Greek Soldiers, Roman Centurions, Gladiators, Samurai, Medieval Knights, Vikings, Pirates, Aztec Warriors, Mongol Warriors, etc.

    A well-articulated, 6" scale line of miscellaneous "mythological" characters starting with various Greek and Roman mythological characters and expanding into other mythologies.

  • A revamp of Skeleton Warriors would be nice. Has anyone mentioned Thirty Thirty yet?

  • We're nearing the 30-comments mark, and so I type the following with the assumption that few will read it:

    I want a Lou Ferrigno Hulk the way most people want a cure for cancer.

    I want a new series of Buffy toys. Properly articulated, great sculpts, tons of accessories, consistent scale.

    I want toys of Woodrow Call and Gus McCrae from Lonesome Dove.

    I want amazing sculpts of the protagonists from MGM's Wizard of Oz.

    I want a highly articulated Movie Maniacs-style series based on the literary and cinematic works of Stephen King. (IT is a terrible film, but I'd love a Tim Curry Pennywise figure).

    I want a series of toys based on heroes from public domain pulp fiction. (Sherlock Holmes, Allan Quatermain, The Shadow).

    I want a return of Total Chaos: crazy-ass gods and monsters with no unifying theme aside from an emphasis on anthropomorphic warriors.

    …and I want all of this in scale with modern-era G.I. Joes.

  • Centurions with a modern twist – Gloys style maybe with a nod to Microman and 4H design as icing.

  • -"Boushh" Leia in the 6" Black Series with interchangeable helmet-head and Carrie Fisher portrait

    -Diamond Select Jean Grey in her '90 duds (since the ML version–which I have yet to actually find–has a rather glazed expression and perhaps just a bit too much hair). DS Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Psylocke, and Mystique (also circa 1990s) would be icing on the cake.

    -A 6-7" scale Borg Queen much like the one canceled by DS several years ago. I'd be willing to take functionally articulated shoulders over the removable bust gimmick, but either way, she MUST look like Alice Krige (though I wouldn't scoff at an additional Susanna Thompson variant).

    -G1-style Shockwave in Hasbro's Voyager (7-8") scale

    -MOTUC Saurod (Next year's Blade makes me pretty confident this will happen.)

    -NECA should finish the Cenobites from their old "Hellraiser" line. I wouldn't even care if they had the minimal circa-2003 articulation.

  • My NICDIP figures are quite simple and hopefully I can eventually get them soon:

    – SHFiguarts Monkey D. Luffy NEW WORLD
    – a 6" batman figure that can actually do the gargoyle crouch stance
    – a 6" highly articulated with tons of equipment ML Style Ninja Snake Eyes
    – a Transformers Voyager scale Masterpiece Optimus Prime – I'm not to fond of the huge Masterpiece Prime
    – 6" highly articulated/great sculpt figures of Classic Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Conan figures (haven't seen anything that pleases me)

  • -Masterpiece versions of the other 4 Dinobots.
    -Mastpiece Shockwave(that changes into a laser gun.)
    – 6″ Mirage TMNT from later appearances(like how they looked from #4 on)
    -6″ Admiral Ackbar

  • In ten years 3D printing will be a thing. You’ll have everything you want and more. You’ll even be able to tweak it so that it’s *exactly* what you want!

  • The lineup of the 1987 Masters of the Universe film in MOTUC, with all required likenesses. Including the three costume variations of He-Man & the two variants of Skeletor. And Karg! And Lubic! Pigboy!

  • My NICDIP figures;
    *12 inch John Carter movie figure(Preferably by Hot Toys)
    *MOTUC style Toxic Crusaders
    *Monkey Island figures

  • Some of my grails have already been or are (likely) in the process of being made: DST deluxe Spike from BtVS, ToyBiz' Gandalf the Grey from LotR (though none of the figures was quite perfect, though close), MP 10 Optimus Prime, and 6" Darth Vader from the Black Series (this guy's a lock at some point).

    Ones I'm still wanting (6" scale and modern ML style articulation):
    -plain clothes Wolverine from the films
    -4th Doctor from Doctor Who
    -10th Doctor from Doctor Who
    -the Doctor (Star Trek Voyager)
    -the Robot (Lost on Space classic)
    -super articulated Gandalf the White
    -Al Bundy with "Nudie Bar" playset

    Not 6" scale:
    Perceptor, Powerglide, and Tracks from the Transformers Masterpiece line
    I badly want giant, super articulated figures of the monsters from The Inhumanoids sculpted by the four horsemen. BADLY!

  • > Hot toys Clint eastwood from the 'Man with No name" Movies
    > 6 Inch Chris Reeve Superman ( thanks to Hot toys, i have the 12 inch Reeve i always wanted ! )
    > 6 Inch Clint eastwood from the 'Man with No name Movies"
    > a good 6 inch Phantom ( ghost who walks ) with Devil and Hero ( hell, throw in a dio with the scull cave.. A-la Castle grayskull )
    > a good 6 inch Tarzan, Jane and Korak ( with tantor n a few apes thrown in )
    > a Hot Toys Arnie Commando Figure ( heck, i'm ok even if Neca does it in 6 inch scale )
    > That Custom elephant we saw at Power Con .. WOW !!
    > Movie He-Man and Skelly Figs in 6 inch

    thankfully, Neca did the comic turtles.. gr8 stuff !

    it doesn't look like i'm gonna die in peace.. 🙂

  • Hey, I’m new here but I’ve been reading your stuff for a while Poe, big fan of yours!!

    -A dream of mine would DEFINITELY be a fully articulated 6 inch Naruto Shippuden line (Toynami can’t get their head out of their asses) I would seriously collect it since I’ve bought almost every line and everything Naruto related(just got a job so I’m saving up for that RAH Naruto)

    -An Uncharted 2 toy line along with The Last of Us Joel and Ellie

    -A fully articulated Beat from Jet Set Radio Future, A fully articulated Bango and Kazooie, a Resident Evil 4 Leon, as well as Juliet Sparkle from Lollipop Chainsaw

    -A comic based Nightwing line (pre or new 52, I don’t care, but I’m just tired of anything Batman. Seriously.) as well as an Play Arts Kai Arkham City Nightwing

    Yea I have a LOT on my list, so I’m gonna be alive for a while lol

    • Since I can’t edit ill have to use this

      -a TMNT Classics 2003 Turtles Collection (just the 4 or the whole thing, I don’t care I just want them!!)
      -MOTUC 200x He Man and Skeletor, I grew up watching them and even hunted the originals down, I never had any of those stupid variants when I was 10 and only wanting those

  • Now that I've got an MOTUC Modulok coming, mine is simple: I JUST WANT THAT NECA TMNT SHREDDER…

  • With the S.H.Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Rangers almost finished and the TMNT classics movie figures happening. My NICDIP list is almost complete.

    The only thing that a boy is left to dream about are Hot Toys 1990 Movie Ninja Turtles.

  • S. H. Monsterarts-style Tiamat
    Palisades Toys Sesame Street figures
    More M.A.S.K. figures from the G.I. Joe line (with vehicles)
    S.H. Figuarts Gatchaman figures
    A Marvel Legends-style Toxic Avenger

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