Loo-Kee here – it’s Broom!

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I deserve to be dragged out into the street and shot for that title.

Anyway, Let’s take a brief break from Star Wars Black Week to check in with Eternia – or rather, Etheria – and discuss the two Masters of the Universe Classics reveals at Stan Lee’s “Comikaze” convention this past weekend.

It’s Broom and Loo-Kee! Broom is an accessory, and since his filename includes the phrase “Madame Razz,” I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing the Etherian witch in the coming year. (For the record, Madame Razz is a character from the Filmation She-Ra cartoon, not a made-up sexual maneuver some dudes with too much time on their hands posted to UrbanDictionary.com.) Razz is a bit more Samantha than Fiona, but she’ll provide a necessary magical counterpoint to the Horde’s Shadow Weaver.

Anyway, there you go. I thought I saw someone on Twitter saying that fans didn’t think Broom was sufficiently “Classics-ized,” but WTF are you going to do with a walking, talking broom? Your only other option is to full-on McFarlanize it in the style of Twisted Land of Oz, which seems a smidge overkill. When it comes to characters who originated in Filmation, MOTUC has been fairly consistent in designing those figures in a cartoonish style (except for certain figures who don’t really need it, like Strong-Or). Personally I think they clash pretty noticeably with other MOTUC figures like Vikor or Beast Man, but a cursory glance through the He-Man.org forum thread for Broom makes it appear people are pretty excited about the reveal, so maybe it’s not a big deal. Or maybe those of us who were more into the earlier MOTU “Preternia” era have mostly left the line.

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  • Coincidentally, before I read your commentary, I thought to myself, "This'd be the dumbest thing ever, but I'd kinda like to see a McFarlane-style take on Broom."

    In my defense, I barely remember the character and have no particular affection for the She-Ra cartoon, so really, what I want is simply a McFarlane-style (circa 2000) figure of an anthropomorphic broom.

  • Speaking only for myself, I appreciate every facet/era of the line, though I admit that certain elements clash with others. I like Madame Razz and Broom and Vikor equally, but in different ways. Since they won't be sharing a single shelf, I don't have a problem with them being in a single line.

    That said, there are other serious problems with MOTUC, as has been discussed to death. How can I explain the dichotomy of looking forward to getting a Madame Razz figure while equally (if not slightly moreso) looking forward to the end of the line entirely?

  • yes, yes you do.

    my wife is insisting i'm not allowed to get rid of madame razz, but i refuse to own the illegitimate love child of cyndi lauper and orko, i just do. hopefully, it won't come to a head for many months, so i have time to figure out how to liquidate her quietly.

    • Yeah I could have sworn you said you weren’t subbing this year. Something about you were done collecting and working on the display.

    • Wow! I really didn't expect you to sub! It was partly your comments that pushed me off the fence and convinced me not to! Well, yours and a fair few others!