Joe Amaro’s Hover Disc goes on sale Monday, December 9


Joe Amaro’s Hover Disc (which I rather ebulliently described here), goes on sale this Monday, December 9 at 7 p.m. Central time. Here’s the sale page:


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  • Love this concept, and the figures look great posed on them….BUT…Maybe you can clairify…..Do these only come cast in black or grey OR do they come painted for $20 Bucks, a piece? I noticed in some of the pictures that there is a green and a blue button painted, a silver wire painted and the black one or the grey one has a 2 tone paint job. Do they come painted that way? Seems kinda steep, if they don't come with the fancy-smancy paintjobs….jus' sayin'!!

        • Thanks for clarifying, Poe! I think I want 1 in each color. Tell Joe we need another round of Castle Grayskull Customization Kits!!!! They were sold out before I could get neon the first go-round. 🙁

        • I meant….They were sold out before I could get one the first go-round. :-(…damned, modern cellular telephones with their fancy predictive text!

  • The Gray hover disc was sold out before I could buy them, so we need a second batch of Gray ones. I did wind-up buying 2 black ones, though.