Poe’s Point > Poe Ghostal’s Super-Articulation Manifesto

In some of my more recent reviews, I’ve noted that a number of purported “super-articulated” figures tend to have one or two disappointing aspects to their articulation that detract from an otherwise great figure. For some figures, the articulation decisions are flat-out bizarre, with some joints too limited and others unnecessarily included. So I decided […]

Odds ‘n Ends > Toy Review Advent Calendar, Third-party add-ons, Toy Aisle Trolls, Power Lords

Good lord this holiday season went by fast. Just in case you somehow missed my endless shilling, be sure to check out the joint-blog project I’ve expressed my doubts about third-party toys in the form of licensed characters, but I have far fewer qualms  about third-part add-ons, which are awesome. There are some really cool third […]

Poe’s Point > Thoughts on Funko ReAction

This post is largely reworked from comments I wrote for Firefly confirmed for “Funko Legacy 6″ line (and ReAction as well).” It got me thinking about Funko’s ReAction as a style and brand, not just a set of remolded Kenner protoypes (speaking of, here’s CollectionDX’s review of the Alien ReAction figures). Super7 originally developed the toys, but then […]