The Amazing, Horrifying Inner Guts of Classic Toy Characters

original has an interview with Jason Freeny, an artist who creates sculptures of famous toys with their inner skeleton and musculature exposed. It’s an awesome and yet somehow absolutely terrifying endeavor.

Although he recognizes the value of his sculptures as tools for scientific education—and has seen his own kids learn from the dozens of pieces lying around his workshop—his original intention was never to teach anyone anatomy. “I just love exploring these characters, and seeing what they look like inside,” Freeny says. “I want to see the grotesque, weird anatomies that these toys dictate.”

Check out the interview with the Smithsonian for many more photos, and check out Freeny’s website for many more wonderful, childhood-tainting photos, as well as Freeny’s own original artwork and even some toys. You can also check out his book Plastic Surgeon, which includes photos and in-progress photos and diagrams.

Hello Kitty Exposed
Hello Kitty Exposed

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