Review: Diamond Select Rocketeer & Black Hole Figures

Diamond Select has been working their deal with Disney to produce some long fan-demanded figures. We’ve had a number of Rocketeer figures over the years, most recently by Funko as a 6″ Legacy figure (which was pretty great but had significant QC issues). But aside from some Japanese super-deformed or block-style figures, we haven’t had any toys from The Black Hole since Mego’s 3 3/4″ line in the late 1970s.

I owned the Maximillian and V.I.N.Cent from that old Mego line. They were some of my favorite toys, though they were lost fairly on in my childhood.

But now, Diamond has brought back both Max and V.I.N.Cent as well as the Rocketeer himself. Let’s take a look!

Blasting off, or too much P.F. Chang’s for lunch?

The Rocketeer is better than I expected. The Funko Legacy figure was notably oversized and I would say this figure is maybe a tad under-sized for DST, so the truth is I think they’re pretty compatible, which means the Funko head might work on this figure. I’ve got one somewhere so I’ll try it out later. But everything else about the figure is pretty fantastic – it’s like having the Funko Legacy figure with added accessories and without the QC issues.

For the record, I have no idea where that Luger he’s holding comes from – it was in my accessories box – but I think most Marvel Legends Lugers (which tend to come with Doctor Doom and Red Skull) will work fine — because again, he’s a tad smaller than I expected. And at least DST included the gun-holding hand.

As other collectors have noted, the Black Hole figures are huge – borderline 1/6th figures I’d say. Nonetheless, they’re awesome and well-equipped with tons of accessories and a great diorama piece.

I do have two minor complaints – I wish the shoulder pivot for Max’s arms were angled slightly more out from the body, so the arms didn’t brush up against the body so much (that appears to be the case for the movie prop, so I’m not sure why it wasn’t done here). And I wish the Cyngus diorama had a hole for Max’s stand, because without it there’s really no way to get him on there.

That said, these are amazing, fun figures and I remain kind of amazed they even exist.