Bastards of the Universe > “Bastard and Servant”

I like that title entirely too much. But, even if you’re (somehow) not a fan of DC Universe Classics, the Super Friends: Legendary Super Powers Show, Jack Kirby’s New Gods, and/or RenĂ© Auberjonois; you still need a Desaad action figure. The Four Horsemen nailed that sculpt, and Desaad’s figure just looks like the perfect snivelling […]

Bastards of the Universe > “Apologies and restitution”

Last time, 339/1 got back his gem, in what was less a political maneuver than a straightforward robbery. The Bastards were cheesed with Battlecat for getting them involved, and Valkyrie was let down by her dad; probably not for the first time. We aren’t done with 339/1’s story by a long shot, partly because I […]