Show and Tell > Mezco 3.75-Inch Hellboy (by Monte)

As a metalhead raised on a steady diet of Number of the Beast, How the Gods Kill and South of Heaven, routinely accused by my peers of Satan worship, predisposed to favor the darker corners of popular culture, I really should have discovered the wonders of Hellboy sooner; I didn’t become a fan until the […]

Monte Reviews > Ghoulia Yelps (Monster High ‘Skull Shores’, Mattel)

I am becoming alarmingly obsessed with Mattel’s Monster High series, although unemployment has prohibited me from purchasing them with anything like my usual recklessness. While a tally of the hours I’ve spent studying Monster High photos would be startling, I just today purchased my first ever Monster High doll: Ghoulia Yelps, from the “Skull Shores” series of […]

Show and Tell > Forest Ghosts versus Arçelik the Turkish Robot! by Monte

“Forest ghost brings you love and luck”. I never met Sharon, my mother-in-law. Sounds like the opener to a tired joke, but it’s the simple truth; my wife Tara and I got together in 1997, by which time her mom had been dead from lung cancer for nearly three years. By all accounts, it’s my […]

Ten Classic G.I. Joe Icons That Require a Pursuit of Cobra Makeover

Monte Williams returns to Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation to counter the cloying Mattel love with some praise and speculation for the world’s greatest toy company, Hasbro. Ten Classic G.I. Joe Icons That Require a Pursuit of Cobra Makeover Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Small-Scale G.I. Joes The Pursuit of […]

Guest Review > Battles Super Police & S.W.A.T. Police Super City Hero

The following is a guest review by Monte Williams. I recently joked with my wife that I am thirty-three years old, and I am finally set to have my first grown-up Christmas. Turns out I was mistaken… I have lived and worked for eighteen months now in Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, in the […]

Show and Tell > Kunama and Tigrinya Tribal Dolls

In August 2009, my wife and daughter and I moved from our short-lived home of Idaho to a city called Asmara, in Africa. Thus far, the experience has provided me with an incredibly valuable lesson in perspective, not least because our first few weeks here were a struggle to adjust to a lifestyle that seemed […]