Discussion Time: Modulok

Thanks, Fwoosh! Well, now we know that Modulok is coming to MOTUC.  And not just that, but all of his limbs will be removable, just like the original figure!  So it makes me wonder a few things: How do you think it will turn out?  I can imagine a few results: 1. Modulok will be just […]

MattyPalooza Panel News

Okay, okay, bunny rabbit aside… going by the feed HERE, let’s look at our MattyPalooza news! And photos courtesy of The Fwoosh’s Facebook Page – visit it!

Game Of Thrones Action Figures

Well, here’s some news that is both unexpected and totally expected!  George R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series… wait, no, now it’s officially all named after the first book… Martin’s Game of Thrones series is getting toys!  So, what do you think?  Will they come with removable clothing?  Or optional gore effects?  Or maybe […]

Sea Hawk Revealed!

Well, Mattel had already given this one away months ago by previewing his sword, but it’s nice to see confirmation!  Strangely, even though they put the figure out, the only pics posted were on people’s private Facebook pages and the like.  But now it’s Pixel Dan to the rescue!  Follow that link to see Sea […]

SDCC News: Tamashii, McFarlane, and Hobbits

Good morning! No new MonsterArts yet, unless you count the Alien and Predator that’ve been leaked (Is there any company not doing those yet?).  But as you can see, they have previewed their next Figuarts Dragon Ball figures – the androids!  You know, instead of going with Cell or Buu or another of Frieza’s forms… […]

Transformers Panel Reveals

A little bird gave me this info. Okay, a raven. A ghostly raven. The type of raven that Edgar Allen Poe would write about, only Ghostly in all details. So here are a few little leaks:

SDCC: Better NECA Photos, Gothitropolis Ravens

First off, I wanna thank everybody who’s helped me here by pointing out things I’ve missed or gotten wrong.  You’re lifesavers! Anyway, it’s not precisely SDCC news, but the Four Horsemen have clearly brought their Ravens to the con, if you want another look at them.  If you like the birds, go and back them […]