Ask Mattel > Final Edition

Here’s PGPoA’s final (for now) edition of Ask Mattel. Barbecue17 asks: What does Mattel consider a legitimate QC issue that would warrant figures to be delayed or exchanged in mass? For some figures who customers have perceived as having problems, these have been responses from some Mattel reps: “Mossman is not a bath toy.” “It’s […]

No Questions for Mattel

Though I know it will cost me some traffic, I’ve decided to stop submitting questions to Mattel for the time being. There are a few reasons for this, but the two main ones are: 1.) Too frequently, the answers are evasive or unsubstantial. (Besides, many times the same questions get asked by other sites anyway.) […]

Ask Mattel > Answers for January 17, 2012

1.) Mecha-Shiva asks: The SDCC exclusive Blazing sword Voltron is awesome and greatly underrated, any chance of making a Vehicle Voltron?  There are no plans at this time but keep those requests coming! 2.) Zach asks: When will DCAS characters such as Superman and the Flash have an “‘open handed” sculpt for such poses as flying and […]