Poe’s Halloween Display

For Halloween this year, I decided to just throw as many monster/horror figures as I could fit along the shelf above my desk at home. From left to right: Diablo 2 Diablo by Blizzard Dark Alliance Lucifer by Art Asylum Ghostbusters Slimer by NECA Silent Screamers Graf Orlok by Aztech Toys G.I. Joe Zombie Viper […]

Just a quick note regarding the site design…

My wife mentioned my site didn’t look any different to her, except switching to green about halfway down. It turned out she needed to clear her cache in Chrome before the new images appeared. So if the logo of Poe at the top of the blog isn’t like the one directly above, try clearing your […]

October is Monster Month at PGPoA!

So as you may have noticed, things are a little different around here. In celebration of All Hallows’ Eve, October is Monster Month at PGPoA! (Big thanks to Wyatt Jones for that great logo!) I had originally planned to post a review of a monster toy every single day before realizing just how ridiculously impossible […]

Quick Question (Toy Hunter)

I only have so much time per week (as the recent dearth of posts indicates), but I am curious whether people would be interested in write-ups on the show Toy Hunter? Is this something I really should be watching?

Hangin’ with Mr. Parr & Poe’s On Vacation

This past weekend I hung out with my good friend┬áRustin Parr of OAFE, as well as Power Pals PrfktTear & the rarely-seen┬áSped. Rustin enjoyed his visit and bought something at nearly every place we went to, from a Lego store to Comicazi. I’m sure he’ll write them all up in a Rustin’s Spoils over at […]

Poe & the Four Horsemen: How It All Began

I’d intended to post this on July 3, which would have been the tenth anniversary of the day I received the email below–but then I completely, utterly forgot. Better late than never! I’ve saved every email I’ve sent and received since 1998. Until recently, most of them were just burned to a disc, but a […]

Desperately Seeking Santa

I generally try not to take advantage of this blog for my own ends, but occasionally I come across something I want but just can’t find–not even on eBay. Such a one is this talking Santa Claus toy. It was made in 1994 by the Kurt Adler company and has an electronic talking feature. It […]

The He-Man that might have been

Lord Fallen Eldor of He-Man.org came across this fascinating, never-published He-Man comic from the 1980s, apparently made by Whitman Comics. It’s a very different origin story for He-Man, with a level of character development that rivals the MYP series. There’s something approaching actual pathos in He-Man’s story–and they even explain where he got the goofy […]