Trygg Poftu Contest Winner

First off, a big thank you to everyone who entered the Trygg Poftu contest. As I read each entry, I imagined I was reading through a number of alternate universes where the being named “Trygg Poftu” led some very different lives (often within some very different bodies). The entries ranged from bizarre to fairly serious, […]

The Red Iron Photo Contest

Artist Adi Granov created one of the most iconic images of Iron Man ever for the cover of Invincible Iron Man 76/421 (March 2004). Four years later, the pose was recreated for marketing materials for the Iron Man film, which cemented its place in pop culture. In honor of Derek Zoolander, I’m calling this pose “Red Iron.”

Identify the Toy Contest Winners

Doc Thomas here. Before I announce our winners and reveal the names of the toys, I want to thank everyone for helping out with identifying these random loose toys I found in an undisclosed location – we are blessed with some true action figure savants here! Most of the entries got well over half of […]

Bat-Libs II Winner

We’ve got a winner in last week’s Bat-Libs II contest! The winner gets a Dark Knight Rises Funko POP! Batman figure, courtesy First, the runners-up. The first comes courtesy dasbookpimp: It is a cheap time in Gotham City. Koalas run rampant through the streets. Absent for years, the time has come for the Batman to […]