Free your MOTUC figures

An increasing number of male MOTUC figures are coming with armor that covers their entire chest, thereby limiting the armor movement to “weightlifter arms” practically sticking out horizontally due to the armor increasingly the amount of plastic beneath the armpits. Other figures have restrictive plastic tunics, skirts, or loincloths. Some have both (I’m looking at […]

Poe Ghostal, the Minimate

Waaaaaay back in early February I teased you with this photo, which then went long unexplained. Well, the time has come to reveal just what that was! Meet Poe the Minimate! Forged in the fires of, this incredibly handsome action figure is the work of toysmith Luke Porter. Here’s what Luke had to say […]

Custom MOTUC Eldor

Probably my #1 most-desired obscure MOTU character I’d like to see in MOTUC is Eldor, the old wizard who served as He-Ro’s mentor. Like He-Ro, a prototype of the figure was made but never produced. Due to his unusual design–the coat and the cowl–many fans, including me, have wondered how Mattel and the Horsemen could […]

Keanu Reeves out-acted by 2″ block figure

Joe Acevedo’s CustomCon23 continues today. Yesterday I posted about MsBig’s Dollhouse figures. Today, along with Sillof’s awesome “realistic” interpretation of Marvel teams (today’s is the Outsiders, who I think are the Defenders but I’m not sure) and other neat customs, there’s this professional-looking Matrix Minimates line by Luke Porter of the Minimate Factory. On a […]