Guest Review > Star Sisters (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

This is a guest review. Opinions expressed in this review (toy-related or otherwise) do not necessarily reflect the views of Poe Ghostal. Doing these reviews for Poe lead me sit down and actually watch the She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon, something I’ve never done before outside of minor glimpses as a kid. I loved the […]

Guest Review > Megator (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

I collect nearly exclusively in the 1/12th scale. For me, it’s the perfect scale – translating to about a foot per inch, it’s the ideal size for strong sculpts with recognizable likenesses and meticulous paint detailing while also allowing one to have a bigger collection in a much smaller space than the average 1/6th scale […]

Guest Post > Interview with Spy Monkey Creations

I recently had the pleasure of talking first hand with the three-headed weapon-making machine known as Spy Monkey Creations, Inc. Team members Jeremy Sung, Brian Stevenson and Bill Murphy are the minds behind some of the coolest custom-produced weapons and accessory packs for action figure collectors today. And as a fellow collector it’s always a […]

Guest Post > Once Upon a Toy

When visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Theme Parks in Orlando Florida, there is no loss for things to do, especially for geeks. One could ride Pirates of the Caribbean for the five hundredth time, memorize every line to the Star Wars: Star Tours attraction, or have the highest score on every arcade game in […]