Decapitated Stratos Sold Separately

[youtube=] The fellow who created Castle Grayskullman created this vintage ad for the figure as well. Just a heads-up, it’s more of a parody ad than an actual attempt to mimic the vintage ads. I’m almost ashamed to admit I had to hear about this from Topless Robot.

The Jesse Ventura Action Figure Conspiracy

[youtube=] Taking a break from speculating about the motives of toy corporations, I love this video. Extremely quotable. Thanks to Infinite Hollywood for the heads-up!

What’s Going On? No, seriously–what is going on here?

[youtube=] UPDATE: Some Poesters feel very strongly that the original video, complete with credits, be given its due. Very well. My college roommate Jim passed this on to me. Evidently when you go to the Black Brewing Company’s website and are prompted to confirm that you’re over 21 (you may need to disable Adblock to […]

Five Pitches for More Toy-Based Movies

Whatever you think of Michael Bay’s Transformers films and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, there’s no denying that toy-based movies have been successful. So what beloved childhood toyline will be made into a movie next, and which auteur’s vision will it be? I asked several fellow geeks to join me in imagining what would happen […]

Even Skeletor likes to feel pretty sometimes

YouTube user actionthatsucks has created some parodies of vintage Masters of the Universe ads. The first one suggests a strong influence from the design team for Mattel’s other world-famous brand. The second ad shines the spotlight on Mer-Man and his “secret sense of style.” Thanks to Poester Coelho for the tip.

The Preternia Poster: From Adam to Tyrantisaurus

It’s time for the fourth and final round of Eternian A-Z, or in this case, A-T. Funny that Zodac only made the first poster, while Prince Adam–an action figure of the hero’s mild-mannered alter ego–appears on all four of them. His popularity is definitely a credit to cartoon creators. That, or little boys really wanted […]

The Horde Poster: From Adam to Whiplash

Welcome to the third in my four-part exhaustive analysis of the Masters of the Universe promotional posters from the 1980s. This one is the Horde Poster, which actually probably have come second–after the Grayskull poster but before the Eternia poster. I’m not certain because I can’t find his signature, but I assume this one was, […]