The Eternia Poster from Adam to Webstor

I enjoyed doing the A to Z for the Grayskull poster so much, I decided to do it for the other two posters as well. This week it’s the Eternia poster, and next week I’ll put up the Powers of Grayskull (dinosaur) poster. Sadly, Zodac isn’t in this one, robbing me of that satisfying “(A)dam […]

The Grayskull Poster from Adam to Zodac

Back in the heyday of Masters of the Universe during the 1980s, a few promotional posters for the line were made. These were lush, fully-painted depictions of the characters rather than checklists featuring photos of the action figures. By far my favorite was the so-called Grayskull Poster, because it featured most of the early, iconic […]

Corn Sword

So over the weekend I was looking at my MOTUC Mer-Man and remembered hearing his weapon derogatorily referred to asĀ  a “corn sword” (moreso the original version than the MOTUC one). Curious to see what Google had to say about the term, I punched it in…I think the first result speaks for itself. Pleased to […]

The real “Danger at Castle Grayskull” is stupidity

This is a page from the mini-comic “Danger at Castle Grayskull,” which came with the original Talon Fighter toy. It was the second of a two-story comic, and it came with a record so you could follow along and listen to the story. I’m pretty damned sure I had this as a kid–I know I […]

The Ballad of G.I. Joe

I’ve resisted the urge to post every mildly amusing geek-related video I come across–and I’m sure 99% of you have already seen this–but it was too amazing not to post. That’s one hell of a cast. The Ballad of G.I. Joe from Olivia Wilde

Wheeljack screws the pooch on the Dinobots

(Warning: there’s more than a few f-bombs in this video, so probably NSFW.) My favorite part is Wheeljack’s argument about going for “authenticity.” Even as a kid, I did think it was weird Wheeljack built the Dinobots as idiots when he didn’t have to. Which may be why they were actually smart in the comics–Simon […]

He-Man Goes Bollywood

I always like to start the day with a little surrealism, so please enjoy “Chahiye He-Man He-Man,” a song from the Indian film Nafrat Ki Aandhi, apparently. Try not to ask yourself whether the main woman is supposed to be Teela or Evil-lyn, or why Orko is wearing a shiny red muumuu, or why this […]

He-Ro–separated at Birth?

So after more than twenty years, we’re finally getting our He-Ro figure. But styles have changed quite a few times since 1987. What was in then isn’t so in now, including the dry look. But it was huge in the 1980s. Looking at He-Ro, I see a couple of possible inspirations. …or maybe…THE PUMANAN!

Lost parody starring action figures

Now that we’ve hashed out the whole “flaws” thing, let’s finish the weekend on a lighter note with this Lost parody starring McFarlane’s hilariously under-articulated action figures.

DC Direct’s Blammoids: W. T. F?

Excuse me, DC Direct, but…what the f*** are these things? Y’know, other than the horrifying dream-spawn of a deranged Christmas elf who fell asleep reading the Necronomicon. Blammoids, man. They creep me out.