Interview > Andrew Franks, Design Manager at Boss Fight Studio

Andrew Franks has worked in the toy business for years, including a stint as a product designer for Hasbro. Now a design manager for Boss Fight Studio, an independent design studio for toys and collectibles, Mr. Franks was kind enough to answer a few questions about his experience in the industry. What do you do, i.e., […]

Interview > Clayburn Moore of The C.S. Moore Studio

Many collectors of what I’ve often though of as the “Spawn Generation” of the late 1990s will remember Moore Action Collectibles, one of McFarlane Toys’ few competitors at that time, whose products included detailed action figures of characters from Witchblade and The Darkness, as well as television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Moore kept something of […]

Any questions for the Four Horsemen?

This is an announcement. Scroll down for newer posts. The Four Horsemen, who just unveiled their new website, will soon be announcing their Kickstarter campaign for the Gothitropolis Ravens (sounds like a very weird football team). To get ready for the event, the Four Horsemen have agreed to answer a few questions. I’m going to […]

Interview > Sculptor Scott Hensey

Scott Hensey has been in the toy sculpting business for decades – chances are, you’ve owned at least one of his creations over the years. While a familiar name in the toy industry, fans and collectors have recently come to know Scott better through his videos with Make magazine. Scott graciously agreed to an interview […]

Castle Grayskullman Review Extra > Interview with CGM Creator Daniel Benedict

In preparation for my Castle Grayskullman review, I conducted a brief interview with CGM creator Daniel Benedict. Be sure to check out Daniel’s “ad” for CGM. Poe Ghostal: How did you come up with the concept for Castle Grayskullman? Daniel Benedict: I was sitting at my desk trying to come up with another character design to send […]

Interview > Brian-Man of Spy Monkey Creations, Part III

This is Part III of a multiple-part interview with Brian “Brian-Man” Stevenson of Spy Monkey Creations, conducted by PGPoA contributor VENENOR, about SMC’s brand-new toy line, the Weaponeers of Monkaa. You can read Part I here and Part II here. –PG VENENOR: It’s great that fans of the Weaponeers are taking to the evolution of the Crystal […]