three and a quarter

Thanks to a renewed interest in Star Wars (via SWB) and the advent of the Four Horsemen’s very, very cool Power Lords figures, I am in terrible danger of tumbling down the 3.75″ rabbit hole. Let’s hope I can resist, because there’s an awful lot of stuff from the ’80s that would be very appealing and […]

Anything can happen on Halloween

I’m already starting to get into the spirit of Halloween…I wonder what this is? (Hint: it’s a custom figure I commissioned.) Also, be sure to read the greatest Halloween-related thing ever produced by the Internet, if you haven’t before.


I’ve been absolutely swamped at my “real” job the past few weeks (I work at a college, so the beginning of the semester is pure madness). I promise you all I have not forgotten you. Moving forward I am going to try to make Thursdays “It Came from the Attic” day (as long as supplies […]

Spam comments

Hey all – I have a favor to ask. (I have another, bigger favor to ask as well, but I’ll get to that at a later time.) My comment spam filter doesn’t seem to be working very well lately. If you see a spam comment, please click on the “report” link and let me know.

born again

So after all my blather, I finally opened the SWB6″ Boba Fett SDCC exclusive last night. Getting that…may have been a mistake. For my wallet.

Jurassic Park and a rant about Shark Week

I have but a mere eight hours before a long-awaited toy is finally in my hands. On an unrelated note, I’ve been in a Jurassic Park kind of mood lately. Not sure why. It occurred to me it’s been twenty years since that movie came out. (Good freakin’ lord. I was making out with my first […]

Ankle strain

One thing that’s been bumming me out lately is that as my MOTUC figures age, their ankles get weaker (if they weren’t incredibly weak in the first place). I love ankle articulation, but if it’s going to have a hinge, it really needs detents (for ratcheting). I have Tri-Klops on a shelf over my desk just for […]