MOTUC Bio Discussion > Rattlor

Rattlor Real Name: Slltyo of the Rattlor House A loyal leader in King Hssss’ army, Rattlor was the first of the Snake Men to escape their imprisonment in the Void. He worked with the Snake Men descendent Kobra Khan to liberate the entire serpent army. Once freed, Hssss quickly began a three-way war against the […]

MOTUC Bio Discussion > Dekker

Dekker Heroic Trainer-Of-Arms Real Name: Dekker Originally a mercenary from the Dunes of Doom, Dekker switched sides during one of the early battles of the Great Unrest and fought with King Miro against Marzo’s tyranny. His wisdom and courage quickly lead to his appointment as Miro’s Man-At-Arms, leading and training the royal soldiers. Throughout these […]

MOTUC Bio Discussion > Cy-Chop

Cy-Chop Evil Horde Bounty Hunter Real Name: Scychor Originally a partner with Kronis, Scychor roamed the galaxy as a mercenary and professional thief. Eventually Kronis betrayed his friend, throwing Scychor from a Boa Jet while escaping from Horde Patrol Units. Falling hundreds of feet to the surface of a small moon, Scychor was healed by […]

MOTUC Bio Discussion > Procrustus

Procrustus Real Name: Procrustus After the Gods created the Five Dimensions, they hid their secret magic in the form of a star inside the core of a small planet in the center of the dimension of Eternia. Naming the planet after the dimension it resided in, they assigned the immortal four-armed giant Procrustus to remain […]

MOTUC Bio Discussion > Mosquitor

Mosquitor Evil Energy-Draining Insectoid Real Name: Bliddeon Black A Kribleen insectoid vampire from the Gluubux Galaxy, Mosquitor joined the Evil Horde on his own accord, preferring the Empire to life in a mud hole on his home world. Looking like a normal insectoid, Mosquitor moves in on his prey then stings them hard and sucks […]

MOTUC Bio Discussion > Castle Grayskullman

Castle Grayskullman Heroic Embodiment of Castle Grayskull Real Name: Not Applicable During the Second Ultimate Battleground, Hordak and King Hssss’s grand army pressed in against the allied heroes of Eternia. In the darkest  moment of battle, all hope seemed lost as many heroes fell, including Snake Man-At-Arms and Stratos. Reaching out through the Orb of […]