PGPoA is going on indefinite hiatus

After six years, I’ve decided to take an extended break from running Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation. I’ve been considering this for years now. I could provide a long list of reasons – or perhaps more accurately, excuses. But really it all comes down to two: interest and time.

Funko says Legacy QC issues will be addressed

Just an update on my earlier post regarding the quality control issues on Funko’s Game of Thrones Legacy Collection: in a comment, Funko’s Shawndra Illingworth wrote, Funko has been made aware of these QC issues and our factory has been informed of what changes need to be made on future waves of Legacy. Thanks so much! […]

The Invincible Tin Man

Today’s Teefury shirt. I know these geek-culture mash-ups have gotten tired, but this one is a great idea and the art is fantastic. Someone needs to make a custom Marvel Legends figure of this pronto.