New Robo Force figures on sale this Friday from ToyFinity

There will be a new Robo Force drop from ToyFinity this Friday! This time the figures come with paint applications and look absolutely fantastic. I’m getting increasingly excited about this line. It’s an interesting time – soon the Power Lords will be able to interact with Robo Force and Mordles, with Manglors waiting in the […]

Cool & Collected Magazine now available!

Co0l & Collected Magazine – to which I contributed an article about Boba Fett action figures – is now available for purchase in both digital and analog (i.e., paper) formats! Here’s the ordering info, straight from the source. Santa arrived a little early this year! I am surrounded by boxes and boxes of the premiere […]

Firefly confirmed for Funko Legacy 6″ line (and ReAction as well)

I’m still not willing to upgrade my expectations beyond “cautiously optimistic” for Funko’s super-articulated 6″ Legacy line, which has been described by Funko as “very much similar in style and accuracy and points of articulation as the Hasbro 6″ Black Series of Star Wars.” I’m cautious in my optimism because Funko has never made products of this […]

Sponsor News > Nerd Rage Toys

Greetings all – I’m on vacation this week, but will return next week. In the meantime, here is some news from PGPoA sponsor Nerd Rage Toys. –PG Hey Toy Fans! After a brief recovery from our Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness, we have been super busy adding some awesome items just in time for the holidays! […]

Star Wars Black Series 3 casepack revisited

This isn’t the most thrilling story ever, but I find it interesting so I’m following up on it. Phil Reed of puts forth the theory that if Chewbacca is in an upcoming wave (as is rumored), Hasbro may have wanted to make sure there were Hans on the pegs when Chewie came out. It’s possible. I was […]

Hasbro blows it on the SWB Series 3 case assortments

BBTS has Star Wars Black Series 3 up for preorder, and the case assortment appears to be: 1 Bespin Luke, 1 Prequel Kenobi, 1 Stormtrooper, and 1 ANH Han Solo. Huh? As fond as I am of that Han, this doesn’t make sense. The first and obvious figure for that last slot is another Stormtrooper. […]