Poest Office > NECA’s Godzilla figures

Not sure if you have seen this, but I’m pretty excited. BBTS has a new listing for a “Godzilla 12″ Head To Tail Action Figure.” From one of the most anticipated movie releases this year, the relaunch of the classic Godzilla franchise. This 6″ tall figure is highly detailed and fully articulated, and over 12″ […]

Purloined Letters > Toy storage, the MOTU movie, and bad toy memories

I looked over a huge list of comic book letter column titles for inspiration for that title. Ultimately, I think “Going Postal” is still probably the cleverest one, but given the origin of that term and current events I think it’s in even poorer taste than “Poe’s Sack.” So I decided to play up the […]

Toy Hunters, Power Lords, & monster kings in this week’s Poe’s Bag

It’s time for another round of answering reader email. (Rather than sticking with “Going Postal” or switching the too-raunchy “Poe’s Sack,” I’ve decided to split the difference and rename the column “Poe’s Bag.” Make of it what you will.) Before we go further, I wanted to mention to all contributors to Poe Ghostal’s Pic of […]

Going Postal > Poe makes do

So, last week I asked you to submit some questions so that I could start a Bill Simmons-like weekly “mailbag” column. Well, hardly anyone asked anything, but I don’t care because I want to try this and dammit, I’m sticking to it. So I’m going to take the few questions I got, throw them together […]

Poest Office > New Marvel Legends Sculpts a Cut Above?

Today’s question comes from Poester TP: Dear Poe: Do you know any of the sculptors for the new pieces in Marvel Legends 2012? It’s been all the gossip that this new wave of ML is really a cut above Hasbro’s old ML offerings, and I’d like to acknowledge credit where credit’s due. I’ve been collecting things […]

Poest Office > How Durable Are Rubber Hoses on Toys?

Poester SF writes in: “I’m a collector and I know you have a lot of experience with figures so I hope you can help me out. I’ve got a quick question about rubber parts used in toys. I am looking specifically at figures like Transformers Dark of the Moon Shockwave and McFarlane’s Call of Duty Marine […]

Poest Office > Figure stands for 12″ figures?

Today’s question, which is more for you folks than me since I don’t know the answer, comes from our own Doc Thomas: I have a question specifically regarding 12″ toys, which I don’t collect – but I have one 12″ figure, one of the Buffy Gentlemen, which features a clear stand that holds him up […]

Poest Office > Rhapsody in Light Blue (plus: figure stands)

Welcome to a new feature. Occasionally I receive emails asking about various toy-related things, so I thought I’d start sharing my knowledge with the collecting world (plus build more content for the website). First off is a Poester who wishes to remain Anonymous. He first contacted me a few weeks ago after spotting an eBay […]