Review > Sandtrooper (Star Wars Black 6″, Hasbro)

I’ve been impressed with the sculpting on the Star Wars Black 6″ (SWB6″) line, and the Sandtrooper has possibly the best sculpt in the first wave. All the details on the armor are there. It’s not a complicated sculpt – stormtroopers are mostly clean, straight lines – but there are some nice touches, like the way the clasp on the pauldron creates folds in the orange material.

Guest Review > New Adventures He-Man (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel) by RZ

The following is a guest review. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Poe Ghostal or the staff of By the time I began to collect as an adult, the 1990 He-Man toy line was largely forgotten, and only really remembered by the truly hardcore. I’ve owned tons of He-Man toys, figures, books, […]

Guest Review > The Spirit of Hordak (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel) by Hellz Hoardax

The following is a guest review. The opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Poe Ghostal or the staff of It’s been a big year for Hordak. Not only did we learn, via the contentious DC one-shot comic “The Origin Of Hordak,” that cosmic enforcer Zodac was (spoiler – see below *), but we […]

Guest Review > Willie, Jace, Phil, Si (Duck Dynasty/Adventure Wheels, Tree House Kids) by RZ

One of the more interesting toy lines to come out in 2013 was the Adventure Wheels Duck Dynasty Action Figure line, made by Tree House Kids. Released as four individually carded 3¾” scale figures in June 2013, in what is apparently a U.S. Walmart exclusive, the set flew under the radar of most collectors and […]

Super Review Wars DX > Super Saiyan Goku (S.H.Figuarts, Bandai)

S.H. Figuarts is one of the coolest action figure lines from Bandai. They take characters that we all love and shove so many joints into them that it blows your mind. So this is their version of Super Saiyan Goku, or “Super Saiyan Son Gokou” according to the packaging. I’m really happy with the sculpt […]

Super Review Wars DX > F-18E/F Super Hornet “Black Knives” (Revoltech, Kaiyodo) by VF5SS

Hello! I’m VF5SS (sometimes called Veef) and welcome to another entry in the Super Review Wars DX crossover! At CollectionDX we’re into a wide variety of toys that originate from media properties ranging from the well known to the strange and esoteric. People who have been reading my CollectionDX reviews for the past few months […]