Joe Amaro’s Hover Disc!

Do your Evil Warriors find themselves looking up helplessly as Stratos soars off into the blue? Do you find your stormtroopers’ aim a bit too good and think they need the challenge of balancing on a gravity-defying disc while pursuing their foes? Then you need Joe Amaro’s patented Hover Disc!* The secret to the Hover […]

Just one week left to help fund Cool & Collected Magazine!

There’s just one week left to go on the Kickstarter for‘s magazine,¬†aptly titled¬†Cool & Collected. The premiere issue – if the magazine is funded – will contain a feature article from yours truly on the long history of Boba Fett action figures, right up to and including Star Wars Black. As of this writing, […]

Super Review Wars DX > F-18E/F Super Hornet “Black Knives” (Revoltech, Kaiyodo) by VF5SS

Hello! I’m VF5SS (sometimes called Veef) and welcome to another entry in the Super Review Wars DX crossover! At CollectionDX we’re into a wide variety of toys that originate from media properties ranging from the well known to the strange and esoteric. People who have been reading my CollectionDX reviews for the past few months […]

New Topless Robot List

Man, when it rains it pours here on PGPoA, doesn’t it? Anyway, I’ve got yet another list up at Topless Robot: The 10 Best Spawn Creature Figures  

New List up at Topless Robot & BBTS Sponsor News

I’ve got a new list up at TR: The 10 Most Common Music Cues in Nerd-Dom And here’s some news from BBTS: New Bowen – Kingpin, Spider-Man Modern Museum Statue, Doc Samson Borderlands Claptrap Blu14 – Limited Edition Friday the 13th- 7″ figures Series 02 Golgo 13 – Mr Duke Togo – […]