Show and Tell > Kunama and Tigrinya Tribal Dolls

In August 2009, my wife and daughter and I moved from our short-lived home of Idaho to a city called Asmara, in Africa. Thus far, the experience has provided me with an incredibly valuable lesson in perspective, not least because our first few weeks here were a struggle to adjust to a lifestyle that seemed […]

Show and Tell > Tokka and Rahzar

While I loved it as a kid, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze is not a good movie. It’s easily the weakest of the three live-action Turtles films,* and it’s incredibly dated by the presence of Vanilla Ice, who was already a living joke when the film came out. However, the […]

Show and Tell > Iron Klaw (G.I. Joe Extreme)

Today’s Show and Tell comes courtesy of Poester George C. Some images taken from When I was growing up, I didn’t own too many toys–my mother didn’t approve of them or maybe we were just broke. Whatever the reason, it helped me value toys whenever I did get some, even more. As I recall, […]

Show & Tell > Rocky Horror Picture Show Figures

“A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, God said: ‘Let there be lips,’ and there were lips and they were red.” Every Saturday at midnight in dozens of movie theatres across the globe this line is shouted at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of […]

Show and Tell > Yard Yoda by MisterBigBo

by MisterBigBo In light of Poe’s recent and good article in Toyfare on Star Wars licensed products, today I’m sharing my strangest Star Wars item, my Yard Yoda. When I bought my first home in 2004 I faced what would be generously described as a fixer-upper. Dr. Mrs. Bigbo’s contractor uncle was going to help […]

Show and Tell > Man-Hero and Skulldar

by Justin Gammon Maybe you’re like me, and you’ve been hearing a lot lately about the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline (seems like most of the news is coming from this blog 😉 I haven’t been a huge follower of the newly-released toyline (mainly because of the prices), but it’s my impression that Mattel […]

Show and Tell > Jack Burton (by Jon)

By Jon of Doubledumbassonyou As a small child I watched three movies on a constant loop: Transformers: The Movie, Flash Gordon, & Big Trouble in Little China. They were my trifecta of ’80s cinematic awesomeness. While my friends wanted to be Indiana Jones, all I wanted in my young life was to be a truck […]