Toy Fair 2011 > The Experience

(l-r: Poe, H. Eric “Cornboy” Mayse, Joe Amaro, Cornboy’s wife Corinna, and Val “JVS3” Staples)

It’s been over a week now, so I should probably try to wrap up my Toy Fair coverage. We’re getting there!

For this post, I’d like to give you a description of my general experience at Toy Fair. This was my first trip to NYTF, and I thought it might be fun to show you what it’s like. Continue reading “Toy Fair 2011 > The Experience”

Toy Fair 2011 > DC Universe


(DC Universe Gallery)

Mattel had plenty of DC Universe stuff on display at the collector’s event last Sunday, from DC Universe Classics to Batman: Legacy, to Young Justice and Action League, to Green Lantern and Retro Action DC Super Heroes. Continue reading “Toy Fair 2011 > DC Universe”

Toy Fair 2011 > Thundercats (Bandai)


(You can peruse my Thundercats gallery here.)

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of being given a tour of Bandai’s showroom, which included their much-anticipated Thundercats product line. My tour was conducted by Katie O’Neill of Weber Shandwick, although Bandai marketing director Brehan Maul was the one who personally guided me through their Thundercats world. Continue reading “Toy Fair 2011 > Thundercats (Bandai)”

Toy Fair Day 2 > Masters of the Universe Classics


First off, just so you all know, I only went to Toy Fair for Saturday and Sunday. But I’ve got plenty to write up about–so much that I’ve decided to break it down. I’m going to discuss a few topics, like MOTUC, in its own post; others, like NECA’s licenses, I’ll group into one post.

First up, we have Masters of the Universe Classics (you can see my pics gallery here). Previously unannounced/unrevealed figures:

Before we go any further, be sure to vote on the Man-E-Faces color issue (this is an official vote by Mattel). What’s all this then, you say? Well, the original Man-E-Faces figure had a blue-and-orange color scheme. But anecdotal evidence, such as the vintage packaging art, suggests the orange parts were actually supposed to be flesh-colored. The figure on display at Toy Fair had a sort of in-between coloring–orange-ish pink–and I thought it was a great compromise, so I voted for that. But you should vote as you think best. Continue reading “Toy Fair Day 2 > Masters of the Universe Classics”

Any questions for Toy Fair?

Since I live to serve you, my devoted Poesters, I’m giving you a chance to submit your questions not only for Mattel, but several other toy companies. Just list your questions in the comments below (be sure to specify the company) and I’ll put them together and try to ask as many questions as I can. Here are the companies I’m scheduled to spend time with so far:

  • Hasbro
  • Mattel
  • NECA
  • Bandai
  • Mezco
  • Jazwares
  • The Four Horsemen

I’m planning to try and visit DC Direct and Diamond Select as well, though I haven’t set up a specific time with them. Feel free to submit questions for them, too.

Also, if there are any particular lines you’d like me to pay attention to (beyond the obvious like MOTUC, DCUC, Thundercats, etc.), let me know.