Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man Video Game

[youtube=] While reading through the entire run of the 1980s Vigilante comic (don’t ask…), I came across the ad below on a back cover. Now, as I kid my family actually owned an Intellivision, so given my love of He-Man it’s unclear to me why we never owned this particular title. I’ll have to have […]

Vintage Toy Ads > Spawn (1994)

Funny to think that Spawn, which never had a kids’ cartoon* and was a very adult-oriented comic book featuring lots of murder, death, and dark religious imagery, had ads for toys on daytime kids’ television. Loving the Malebolgia cameo. * But of course it did have an adult-oriented HBO animated series.

Vintage Toy Ads > Talking Pee-Wee

After watching this ad, I realized I must have seen it a hundred times as a kid because the insipid theme song was way too familiar. Notice how the ad says “For you and your kid” at the end there? A tribute to Pee-Wee’s generation-crossing appeal? Or a warning that any kid given this toy […]

Vintage Toy Ads > Robocop & the Ultra Police

Man, did I love this toy line as a kid. This is one of those toy lines that I keep meaning to go back and pick up a complete collection of, for display in my future home someday. I wish they’d release the first Marvel-produced Robocop cartoon on DVD here in the U.S. I’d like […]

Vintage Toy Ads > Aliens by Kenner

For the most part, I think Kenner’s Aliens & Predator toys were pretty cool, even if they weren’t all that faithful to the movies. The various animal-based Aliens were great–I still have my Scorpion and Gorilla Aliens. The only thing that bummed me out was that they came out a few years after I was […]