Jazwares put their A-team on, uh, the A-Team

Jazwares announced their A-Team movie toys the other day, and the 3¾” line looks pretty good. I’ll say this–their product looks a lot better than what Playmates did for Terminator and Star Trek last year. If the new A-Team‘s a success, Jazwares may just have a hit on their hands. Of course, I think the […]

Odds ‘n Ends > Surf Party USA

You may have noticed PGPoA seems a bit…wider. That’s right, we’ve increased our girth, and completely without the aid of that terrifying Enzyte mascot with the rictus grin of a ten-month-old corpse. It was mostly done because I was finding it difficult to post certain videos, since the smallest embed options were larger than the […]