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L-R: Kenner, Figma, NECA, McFarlane
L-R: Kenner, Figma, NECA, McFarlane

Over the years, I’ve been engaged in a few debates (often on other websites) about the importance of articulation on toys (here’s one, and here’s another). Personally, I’ve always cared about articulation. As a kid, a figure that had extra articulation – hinged knees, ball-jointed shoulders – was always something I considered a great bonus. However, I also hated action features and never understood those kids who would just bash figures into each other to make them “fight,” so I’ll admit I may not have been representative of how the majority of children approach playing with action figures.


Recently, I asked a friend of mine who had a 5-year-old son to ask him and anyone else she wanted to ask what their opinions were on articulation on action figures.

She didn’t have much luck with her son, but the adults – few, if any of whom were current action figure collectors – had some intriguing responses. Continue reading “Poe’s Point > Articulation Revisited”