Bat-Week | Review > Prototype Suit Batman & Lt. Jim Gordon (Batman Legacy, Mattel)

One of the most beloved rarities among action figure collectors are action figures of supporting cast characters. I don’t mean sidekicks or team members, but “everyday” characters such as Lois Lane, Jarvis, Uncle Owen, and many others. Such characters rarely get figures, for a few reasons. Though popular among diehard fans, casual fans are rarely […]

Odds ‘n Ends > June 24, 2011

Today’s Odds ‘n Ends is mostly stuff I’ve meant to write about but never got around to it. First up: this piece over on OAFE, revealing how Toys R Us prices items higher in stores in wealthier areas. October Toys is developing OMFG!, a homage to M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monster in My Pocket figures from the […]

Odds ‘n Ends > Wondercon/Joecon Edition

My friend Popeonabomb was at Wondercon yesterday, and he took some pics for me – primarily of MOTUC and the Golden Age Batman & Joker. You can check ’em out here: I’ve been reading the G.I. Joe: Special Missions trade paperbacks from IDW. The concept, as described, really appealed to me–Joes performing “realistic” military missions. […]

Golden Age Batman revealed at C2E2

(Image from Toy News International) There wasn’t a whole lot of new stuff at C2E2, but one thing we did see was the prototype for the Golden Age Batman, a figure in the upcoming Batman: Legacy sub-line by Mattel. Looks great–and I’ll be getting it–but what I really want is that same figure with the […]

Ask Mattel > Answers for Mid-March

1.) The Batman : Legacy figures look great. Regarding Two-Face: will he come with an alternate, non-coin-holding right hand (hopefully one that can hold a gun)? No. 2.) The Movie Masters figures tended to be in a slightly smaller, more “realistic-to-humans” scale than DCUC. Will the Arkham Asylum figures be closer to Movie Masters or […]