Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

Jin Saotome reviews the NECA Bionic Commando Nathan “Rad” Spencer, Ninja Gaiden Ryu Hayabusa and Castlevania Simon Belmont figures. Excerpt: “Ryu is a must-buy …” (See also.) Michael Crawford reviews the Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Faker New York Comic Con and exclusive figure. Excerpt: “If you want to charge the same price […]

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode), 2/7/09

Sanjeev reviews the Onell Design Buildman Ranic (Standard and Reverse versions) figures. Excerpt: “… equal parts action figure and building toy.” Thomas Wheeler reviews the Hasbro Star Wars The Legacy Collection Clone Trooper (with Cip-Quad) figure. Excerpt: “… he certainly comes with an impressive piece of weaponry that goes way, way beyond the usual blaster […]

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode), 2/4/09

Poe Ghostal reviews the NECA Bionic Commando Nathan “Rad” Spencer figure. Excerpt: “… a great action figure.” Shocka reviews the SOTA Street Fighter Revolution Zangief figure. Excerpt: “This will be the only Street Fighter Revolutions figure I’m reviewing for OAFE because the others all had the misfortune of breaking before I got them out of […]