Poest Office > Figure stands for 12″ figures?

Today’s question, which is more for you folks than me since I don’t know the answer, comes from our own Doc Thomas:

I have a question specifically regarding 12″ toys, which I don’t collect – but I have one 12″ figure, one of the Buffy Gentlemen, which features a clear stand that holds him up in the air as if he’s floating, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to purchase more like or similar to this. Specifically for Toy Story figures – Woody and Jess do not stand by themselves and need support like that to stay verticle alongside Buzz and co. Do you know where I can get something like that, or can we ask your readers?

Doc Thomas Probes > Winning with Bargains

For Doc Thomas, it’s all about winning. Not winning in the traditional sense, like coming first in a race or plowing through the Tour De France in a monster truck, but winning in the sense that you’re doing what you love, and freakin’ loving doing it. Toy collectors know that when you’re finally buying that most beloved, most waited for, most coveted toy, you are winning. When you’re opening that action figure up and changing accessories, posing it, switching interchangable parts, you’re absolutely winning. And when you’re putting your toys on display, or preposing them in battle, you just can’t stop winning. Continue reading “Doc Thomas Probes > Winning with Bargains”