Legendary Monsters Will Soon Be Real


After several attempts and repeated reductions in targets, Richard T. Broadwater’s cryptozoology-themed “Legendary Monsters” Kickstarter campaign has finally made it.

These toys were first revealed inĀ ToyFare magazine over ten years ago, scheduled for release in fall 2001, but for one reason or another it was never produced. It did face some competition at the time from Mezco’s similar “Cryptozoology” line, which did make it out but fared poorly at retail.

Broadwater’s first two Kickstarter campaigns proved to be overly ambitious. Phil Reed of Battlegrip offered some advice after the last one, and some of those measures appear to have been implemented. In addition a game was added. This time, the project was funded within 24 hours.

I love cryptozoology and these toys look neat (especially the Chupacabras). So head over to Kickstarter and if you like what you see, consider backing the project. You can also check out Broadwater’s Nevermore Toys for more info and photos.