Odds ‘n Ends

Odds N Ends

  • Apologies for being somewhat MIA over the last week or so…been busy. And by “busy,” I mean I bought Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and got sucked in. And Batman Arkham Asylum arrived today, so things might get worse before they get better. Just a heads-up.
  • Just a heads-up: the plugin I use for the “reply” function in the comments was updated. Now it should appear in the bottom-right corner only when you move your mouse over a comment. I can go back to the previous version if it bugs people, so let me know.
  • Fwoosh posted a two-part interview with Mattel’s Scott Neitlich, a.k.a “Toy Guru.” The interview was done back in July during SDCC, but there’s still some interesting stuff in there. For example, Mattel didn’t ask for the ring that came with Tri-Klops, the Horsemen just made it. Also, Walter Peck will have his own new suit, not the Movie Masters one.  Part 1, Part 2
  • Rambo vs. genetically-engineered werewolves? Yes please. (Via Topless Robot)
  • I know I haven’t posted the information for the He-Ro contest yet–I’m just waiting for confirmation on something. Once I have that, it’ll go right up.
  • I just wanted to mention how pleased and grateful I am to have Paul, formerly of Toy Bender, posting here. Be sure to visit his other blog, The Robot’s Pajamas.

Paul’s Peg > Toy Hunt: Two Ladies and a Hawk

What? Toy Hunt on Poe Ghostal’s blog? How is that possible!? Well, after the bastards killed my blog I took all my awesome with me, so here’s the first Toy Hunt on Poe Ghostal. If you’re not familar with Toy Hunt, it’s basically me talking about what toys I bought. Why should you care? I don’t know, you just should. So let’s kick this off:


After moving to a new city I hadn’t stopped at any Wal-Marts yet. Actually that’s a lie, I stopped at one when I was looking for apartments and was really unimpressed. Today though, I stopped at a new one that I found and I scored big (at least for me). Most Wal-Marts around me tend to suck. Hell, I stopped going to one because they don’t even carry G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra or any DC figures. So imagine my surprise when I realized that this one had the potential to be a magic Wal-Mart.

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Paul’s Peg > DC Universe Infinite Morbidity

If there was anyone who was looking forward to the DC Universe Infinite Heroes more than me, I doubt it. When the line first appeared I went ape nuts with the prospect of having tons of my favorite heroes in my favorite scale. Then they came out and boy, the joke was on us toy collectors with it’s overall poor sculpting and horrendous lack of articulation. Still, Mattel seems to be trying to make this thing work and they’ve finally come up with something I truly need:


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