Poest Office > Rhapsody in Light Blue (plus: figure stands)

Welcome to a new feature. Occasionally I receive emails asking about various toy-related things, so I thought I’d start sharing my knowledge with the collecting world (plus build more content for the website). First off is a Poester who wishes to remain Anonymous. He first contacted me a few weeks ago after spotting an eBay […]

Review > City Display (Action Figure Displays)

The folks at Action Figure Displays are still hard at work creating some of the coolest backdrops for your action figures, and they’ve made some improvements on the original design (see my review of the Alley set here). The displays are now 10 ½” tall, which is 2 ½” taller than before. JDP was kind […]

Odds ‘n Ends

Mattel’s Facebook page is back. It currently offers such goodies as in-package pics of Mer-Man and Zodac (along with Zodac’s new bio, which I think nicely ties together all the various incarnations of the character) and the Ultraman & Alex Luthor two-pack. Love the face sculpt on Ultraman, but seriously, does anyone really want that […]

Stand! (in the place where your figures are)

As action figures have become more poseable and dynamic, collectors have been looking for ways to pose their figures in more than just the typical “soldier in formation” look. Other figures simply tend to fall over a lot (looking at you, JLU). So it’s not surprising a number of action figure manufacturers and third-party companies […]

Whippy Superpose

One of the things I’d like to do with this blog is make people aware of some of the cooler things I come across. For a while now, I’d been looking for a way to pose my DCUC figures in flying or jumping positions. I have several of the so-called Doop stands from my Marvel […]