Odds ‘n Ends

I spent about an hour on the new Odds ‘n Ends pic, so I hope you like it–’cause you ain’t gettin’ anything else! I decided to go with a more vertical look this time around. You’d be amazed at how much I mess around with the positioning of the items until I’m satisfied with the […]

News roundup, 12/31/2008

Interview with “Mr. Toy Safety” (Figures.com) Replicas of the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap and Proton Pack coming in spring 2009 (Master Replicas) Latest Diamond Select Q&A (Art Asylum) “Building an Edgier Barbie to Revive Franchise Sales” (WSJ) DCUC Wave 6 hits U.S. (eBay)

Odds ‘n Ends

ODD: Not too much to discuss today…just trying to survive until the four-day weekend. Come this time next week, PGPoA–and the Poe household–will be in full holiday mode. END: The DCUC Toys ‘R Us two-packs have started to show up, which is just a bit earlier than I predicted (early December). The only set I’m […]

Poe’s Point > A Decade of eBay

This weekend marked my ten-year anniversary as a member of eBay. A young Poe first signed up on November 1, 1998. For some obsessive reason, I’ve kept archives of thousands upon thousands of emails from my college years onward, but I apparently didn’t start doing that until my junior year. The earliest item I can […]