Odds ‘n Ends > Rambo, Edgy(?) Buzz Lightyear, Ram Man Delayed,

–ODD– NECA is making both a Rambo figure from the first film and an Atlas figure from┬áPortal 2. It’s very cool we’re getting a figure from the first film, but as anyone who’s seen that movie knows, it’s as much a study in PTSD as an action film. I think everyone’s expecting/hoping for a figure […]

Sponsored Review > Hero Ash and Henrietta (Evil Dead 2, NECA)

NOTE: The toys in this review were provided free of charge by NECA Toys (though I also bought a second set). –PG This has been an interesting year for me. It has seen the advent of two things that young Poe wanted more than anything: super-articulated Godzilla action figures, and Evil Dead 2 action figures. […]

Odds ‘n Ends > SDCC 2011 Preview Night Edition

The Entertainment Earth/TRU exclusives are now on sale on the TRU website–here’s the link. HOWEVER: Rodimus is already sold out, and the Bizarro vs. Faker pack isn’t listed, apparently because it “missed the boat.” That’s what my pal at SDCC was told by the booth operators. Whether that means it will show up later in […]