Doc Thomas Reviews > Horde Prime (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

Originally with Masters of the Universe Classics I was not intending on being a line completist. There was no reason to: with the poor Australian-to-American dollar conversion rate, and the difficulty in buying ordinary characters who sold out within minutes (grrrrrrrr) there was no point trying to be an obsessive. Fortunately, as the Australian dollar […]

MOTUC Bio Discussion #51 > Leech

Inspired by’s Roast Gooble Dinner podcast, welcome to PGPoA’s latest MOTUC Bio Discussion! Leech Real Name: K’ull’leusshhhh A Slebetor Slug-man from deep in the Lake of Gnarl, Leech was called from the depths by a magic spell of Hordak to bolster his forces against King Grayskull and the Snake Men during the Great Wars. […]