NECA news > 7″ Robocop, SDCC exclusives

(Via NECA_Toys on Twitter) Looks like the long-rumored 7″ Robocop from NECA will soon be a reality. I own the McFarlane version already, and I’m not sure exactly how different this one can be, but hopefully–unlike McFarlane–NECA has a whole line planned. I’d maim a clown for boxed sets of 7″-scale ED-209 and Cain/Robocop 2, […]

Guest Post > Ed’s Toy Fair Videogame Figures Roundup

You all know me. Know what I do. So, you’re probably asking yourselves, why does Poe keep inviting his videogame enthusiast, Lost-obsessive kinfolk ‘round these parts to offer up n00bish takes on something he clearly know next to nothing about? That’s akin to bringing a Master Sword to a Hammer of Dawn fight… wait, that’s […]

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode), 1/31/09

yo go re reviews the DC Direct Watchmen Rorschach figure. Excerpt: “This figure is only slightly above ‘mediocre’ by 2009 standards …” Jeff Saylor reviews the NECA Gears of War 2 Marcus Fenix vs. Locust Drone two-pack. Excerpt: “… the best Marcus Fenix figure ever released.” Philip Reed reviews the Mezco Toyz HB II Hellboy […]

News round-up, 11/20/08

—New G.I. Joe 5-packs on the way “[…] bringing characters back to the fold that new collectors may have missed the first time around” including Snake Eyes. Did anyone miss Snake Eyes? I don’t even collect G.I. Joe and I own Snake Eyes. Looks like it’s a different sculpt, though. —2008 “Worst Toys” List They’re […]

News round-up, 11/18/08

Unfortunately, I don’t think these news round-ups can be a daily thing. There just isn’t enough significant toy-related news on a daily basis. But I’ll try to get them out every other day. —Rustin Parr’s King Grayskull review Long, but well worth the read. Rustin seems certain MOTUC is going to crash and burn. Personally, […]