Odds ‘n Ends > Surf Party USA

You may have noticed PGPoA seems a bit…wider. That’s right, we’ve increased our girth, and completely without the aid of that terrifying Enzyte mascot with the rictus grin of a ten-month-old corpse. It was mostly done because I was finding it difficult to post certain videos, since the smallest embed options were larger than the […]

Odds ‘n Ends > Super G Edition

It shows how out of touch I am with the DCUC scene that I completely missed the fact that the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle on display at Toy Fair had double-jointed elbows and knees. A very interesting development–has Mattel said whether this signals a new direction for the line, or if this is just something […]

Guest Post > Ed’s Toy Fair Videogame Figures Roundup

You all know me. Know what I do. So, you’re probably asking yourselves, why does Poe keep inviting his videogame enthusiast, Lost-obsessive kinfolk ‘round these parts to offer up n00bish takes on something he clearly know next to nothing about? That’s akin to bringing a Master Sword to a Hammer of Dawn fight… wait, that’s […]

God of War: A Newbie’s Impressions

One of the main reasons I was really excited to get a PS3 this past Christmas was because Sony was releasing the God of War Collection–the first two God of War games in a single $40 package and updated with hi-res graphics and anti-aliasing. I’d been aware of God of War since the first game […]

Where are the God of War III figures?

Back in 2007, NECA released a series of highly popular action figures based on the Playstation 2 hit game God of War. Now, with the PS3 more popular than ever (thanks to last year’s price cut–even I have one now) and the highly-anticipated God of War III due out in March, where the hell are […]

Review > Kratos (God of War, NECA)

I’ve never played God of War or its sequels, but I know an awesome action figure when I see it. Ask any Marvel figure collector about the first super-articulated figure, and chances are they’ll tell you about Blade with Anti-Vampire Weapons, a.k.a. “Trenchcoat Blade.” His sixteen points of articulation–included articulated toes–were a revelation in 1998 […]