Master Chief (Halo, Play Arts KAI, Square Enix)

I’ve now played through and beaten every Halo game except ODST (which I’m sure I’ll get around to someday). Halo 4 came out just last month, and represents something of a new direction for the franchise as it begins to explore the “Ancient Aliens” origin of the Halo megastructures. It also begins to (finally!) develop […]

Quickie Odds ‘n Ends > 6″ Thundercats, Master Chief deal

PGPoA Power Pal Lemonjuice McGee has the scoop on the new 2012 6″ ThunderCats figures, including the classic Mumm-Ra and Lion-O. There are pics and an interview with Bandai’s Brehan Maul. While I like the 8″ figures, it’s cool to think I’ll be able to put Lion-O alongside Batman and Wolverine. It sounds like we might […]

Toys R Us Announces SDCC Exclusives

Toys R Us has announced their SDCC exclusives for this year, and they’re kind of awesome. Did I say kind of? I meant totally. Exclusive 8″ Classics Thundercasts Lion-O with metallic finish Bizarro vs. Faker MOTUC 2-pack Jazwares 6″ Mortal Kombat Dark Raiden Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Minimates And more that I care a bit […]

Odds n’ Ends > June 7, 2011

The big website redesign I’ve been mentioning for months now is tentatively scheduled to go live this Monday. That could easily be pushed back, but for now that’s the plan. OB1 and Mecha-Shiva have been working their butts off for this project. To get you all psyched up for the redesign, I’ve pledged to write […]

Doc Thomas Probes > Action Features (Part II)

In Part I of our feature, Doc Thomas examined “Simulated Attack” action features. And now…the exciting conclusion! Type 2: Pure Deco The next most prominent type of action feature is that which focuses on the look of the toy, and attempts to add more life-like or just more interesting dynamic look via an internal mechanism. […]