Review > Star Wars Musical Holiday Waterball

Today’s review is part of the Toy Advent Review Calendar. Visit for a new toy review every day until Christmas! Star Wars holiday items are generally stupid. Anachronistic and stupid. Why the hell would Yoda or Darth Maul or Jango Fett wear a Santa costume? Why would Boba Fett be armed with a candy […]

Quick Review > Lego Minifigure Santa Claus

As I’ve mentioned, one of my favorite holiday traditions of recent years has been perusing the exclusive holiday toys at Target. The last ones I picked up weren’t actually Target exclusives – the Christmas S.L.U.G. Zombies (review) – and neither is the subject of this review; however, I did find him in the Target holiday exclusives aisle. Given […]

Show and Tell > Talking Santa Claus (Kurt Adler)

As you may recall, last year I posted that I was on the lookout for a Kurt Adler Santa Claus decorations from the 1990s. The reason I wanted it was that it was basically an action figure (you can read a review of it here). Since that day last December, I had a saved search […]

From Playing Mantis to Forever Fun

The holidays are getting closer, which means I’m receiving the Time and Space Toys newsletter more frequently. T&ST has become the go-to place on the Web for holiday toys based on TV specials like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and even The Little Drummer Boy. Anyway, you may recall that […]

Pic of the day

C006B Robot Santa by HamSalad Poe’s note: Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I have slowly been assembling this guy as a BAF from our Futurama figures, but HamSalad here sprung for the $50 SDCC exclusive featuring the complete Robot Santa and a holiday-colored Bender. But not to fear–as soon as Amy Wong and Clobberella arrive, we’ll […]

Santa, baby

Merry Christmas Eve, all! I just wanted to point out this review by yo go re over at OAFE of a 5″ Santa Claus ornament. It’s the closest I’ve ever seen to a “real” Santa action figure (i.e., not Homer Simpson or the version from Rudolph). Suffice to say, I’m already working on tracking one […]

Ol’ Coal Eyes is Back!

This video was sent to me by Ed Lee, a PGPoA reader. It’s an extremely well-produced tribute to both Rankin-Bass Christmas specials and the Chairman of the Board himself. Lee writes, “We work in the Boston area and did this at a local studio. It’s a video tribute to some of the old Rankin-Bass characters. […]