Guest Review > Yazneg (The Hobbit, The Bridge Direct)


Peter Jackson’s cinematic return to Middle Earth has been long awaited, especially by beardy ale-drinking weirdos like myself, who became all too obsessed with the Lord of the Rings trilogy when it began its cinematic release in 2001. Yeah, I know, makes me feel old too. Toy Biz covered the toy licence for those movies, and did an epic job of filling out the vast cast of heroes, villains and beasties. I obsessively collected those figures, and still have many on display, so with the news of the new movies came the desire to own loads of new action figures! The Bridge Direct made the 6″ collectors’ line, which are, more or less, in scale to the LOTR series figures, and a 3¾” inch line aimed more at kids. Continue reading “Guest Review > Yazneg (The Hobbit, The Bridge Direct)”