Wait…there’s a Madballs videogame?

Well…not exactly. There are Madballs in the game, but it’s not really a game about Madballs…two of them, Horn Head and Oculus Orbus, are just participating. Still, how was I completely unaware of this until today, when it gets released? Apparently there’s a new videogame starring the Madballs, those classics 1980s gross-out toys. It’s evidently […]

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

Artemis reviews the Diamond Select Toys Star Trek Deep Space Nine General Martok figure. Excerpt: “Qapla’!” Updatedude reviews the Hasbro Transformers Animated Deluxe class Waspinator figure. Excerpt: “Unfortunately, Waspinator feels highly fragile and a tad unstable.” Michael Crawford reviews the Triad Toys Black Wolffe International WITSEC (Witness Security Protection & Relocation) Agent Indigo 1/6-scale figure. […]

New haulage from the Magic TRU

I’m a tad behind on the next installment of Batman vs. Predator: If It Bleeds (the art is done, but I still need to add the dialogue), so in lieu of that, I thought I’d post this little post showcasing my haul from the Magic Toys ‘R Us last night. (Yes Paul, it came through […]

On the Menu > Oculus Orbus

Maybe it’s just the nostalgia talking, but it seems to me that the 1980s was a great time for the odd, eccentric toy. From Food Fighters to Barnyard Commandos to Army Ants to Boglins, the ’80s were a boon for fans of original license action figures. But also in the ’80s, in a trend that […]