The Mechtorians


For the first time I can remember, an online Internet ad actually drew my attention. As one would expect, it was the product more than anything about the design of the ad that did it (which is basically all an ad really should do, if you ask me–something that makes the potential consumer aware of the product’s existence, not as a method of coercing said consumer into buying it).

Anyway, the product is the Mechtorians–little steampunk robots created by artist Doktor A. While there are the usual high-end vinyl versions available, what interested me were the 3″ miniature versions, which are a lot cheaper.

I love the steampunk style, and there’s been a dearth of cool steampunk toys (why we haven’t had a high-quality steampunk blockbuster is beyond me–and I don’t count Wild Wild West). These aren’t action figures so much as collectibles, but they’d make for some great display pieces.

You can get your own Mechtorians at Vinyl Fallout or your local “counter-culture store” (whatever that means).