Review > Ninja Minimates Decal Kit

Today’s review is a bit unorthodox, since it’s not really a review of a figure, but a set of customizing accessories. Anyone who collects Minimates knows there’s a thriving customizing community for the little block figures. What you may not know is that some of those customizers are moving beyond individual customs to making kits […]

Review > Ghostbusters Minimates, Part II

A few weeks back I reviewed the Ghostbusters Minimates Toys ‘R Us exclusive two-packs. Today I’ll be taking a look at the two multi-packs released so far: the series 1 set and the set of ghosts from Ghostbusters: The Video Game. I’m also throwing in the SDCC-exclusive blank Minimate with the twenty-fifth anniversary logo. You […]

Keanu Reeves out-acted by 2″ block figure

Joe Acevedo’s CustomCon23 continues today. Yesterday I posted about MsBig’s Dollhouse figures. Today, along with Sillof’s awesome “realistic” interpretation of Marvel teams (today’s is the Outsiders, who I think are the Defenders but I’m not sure) and other neat customs, there’s this professional-looking Matrix Minimates line by Luke Porter of the Minimate Factory. On a […]

Review > Ghostbusters Minimates, Part I

I am way late getting on board the Minimates bandwagon, and from what I can tell it seems I’m not alone–the Ghostbusters Minimates seem to be selling very well, which suggests to me that it’s attracting casual collectors as well as Minimate diehards (no doubt to their chagrin–I was lucky enough to score a the […]

Minimates Playset = Awesome

I’ve managed not to get into the whole Minimate thing thus far–I’m nearly broke paying for what I already collect–but Rustin Parr was pushing them hard when I met with him this past weekend (it was quite fun time, also attended by Poesters PrkftTear, Ed, and the soon-to-be-famous-author Red Kryptonite). I’ve even received emails from […]