Production to start on a new Masters of the Universe movie in 2014?

That’s what Devon Franklin, Senior Vice President of Production for Columbia Tristar, said on Instagram (link). Any Masters of the Universe fans out there!? Mattel just sent me this vintage Castle Grayskull! Takes me back to my childhood! I’m working on bringing the new He-Man movie to the screen. We start production this year! #mastersoftheuniverse #heman […]

Mattycollector Reveals from NYCC

Oh, Mattel, you almost had me. I innocently scrolled up Twitter to see what was shaking. Following a few links, I discovered what appears to be Mattel-made action figures of Keaton Batman. Having completely forgotten I had already heard about this, for a moment I thought I was looking at a 6″ Movie Masters Keaton Batman. […]

Movie Review > Pacific Rim

Note: This review contains spoilers. I’m a fan of director Guillermo del Toro. I didn’t really follow his movies attentively until after I saw Hellboy, which was my first exposure to the character and launched several years of intense Hellboy obsession. But before Hellboy, I’d seen two other del Toro films in the theater – Mimic and Blade II. Mimic […]

G.I. Joe: Retraction

In what has to be one of the strangest movie-related moves I can remember, Paramount has decided to push back G.I. Joe: Retaliation nearly a full year, to March 2013. The press release claims the delay is because Paramount suddenly, at nearly the literal last frigging minute, decided to redo the movie in 3D. As Rob […]

The Rock as Roadblock (Roadrock?)

I’m not that much of a G.I. Joe fan, but I respect it as one of the great 1980s toy properties. The first movie was terrible, but I’ve been watching the development of the second film with cautious optimism. Most fans dismissed it the second the director of the Justin Bieber movie was chosen, but […]

Odds ‘n Ends > July 26, 2011

Saw Captain America with Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and Red Kryptonite this past weekend. I enjoyed it–more than Thor, and probably more than any Marvel flick since X-Men 2. We knew Joe Johnston could direct period pieces, and this was sort of a sideways sequel to The Rocketeer anyway. Chris Evans was great, Tommy Lee Jones […]

The Ballad of G.I. Joe

I’ve resisted the urge to post every mildly amusing geek-related video I come across–and I’m sure 99% of you have already seen this–but it was too amazing not to post. That’s one hell of a cast. The Ballad of G.I. Joe from Olivia Wilde

Show and Tell > Thud Butt (Hook)

Wow. Today’s Show and Tell is a doctoral dissertation on the action figure of Thud Butt from Hook. It’s written by Ben Leach, vintage toy enthusiast and frequent contributor to ToyFare magazine. It’s fair to say you have never loved a toy as much as Ben loves Thud Butt. Not ever. So prepare to learn […]